Croquis:: VRS

This movie is part of a series of “cinegraphic sketches”, short audiovisual enquiries on scientific themes. These sketches take the form of visual essays, mixes of quotes, sounds and visual matters, to build an aesthetic apprehension — i.e. a sensitive knowledge — of the regarded subject.

This sketch focuses on the obvious subject of this year: the covid19. The movie was made during the lockdown, in France, and deals with the idea of the virus as a might of transformation: how it evolves constantly, but also it shown its power to transform radically, in a few weeks, our world. In echo to these ideas, cryptically written on the pages of this filmic sketch, the images are also constantly in transition, or could even be considered as images of transition themselves.

The movie is attached to a booklet :

Croquis cinégraphique sur le confinement et le virus.
Pensées éparses, transmutations fragmentées : un cercle devient carré, un autre cercle pangolin, un carré chauve-souris. Le nom des figures sont indiqués en index.
Le film est accompagné d’un livret :